Create and share maps with your friends

Your favourite places

Share potential housing locations, holiday plans, or simply map your favourite coffee shops, bars & restaurants.

Edit with friends

Easily share your map with friends so they can edit with you; simply give them the URL over email or instant messenger.

Read-only maps

Add an optional password to your map to limit editing to those you want to. To create a totally private map, simply create a map with an unguessable name.

No registration required

There is no need to signup to use Ethermap. Anyone from anywhere in the world can instantly start creating, viewing and sharing maps.

Zero advertisements

Ethermap has no adverts and never will have, it's just a financially sustainable service that is provided free-of-charge to improve the world. Also, without advertisements, there is also no need for Ethermap to track or store data about you.

100% free, open and auditable

Ethermap is free software. It is free to use for everyone and free to use for any purpose, including commercially. Ethermap is also free to share with others, free to study Ethermap's source code and even free to make your own versions and modifications.

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